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We want to revolutionize the way Indians call for help and how India responds to road emergencies! Our solution involves a SafeDrive - An innovative Internet of Things (IoT) car gadget connected to RakshaNet - A network of emergency services. Did you know? With 16 deaths every hour, Indian roads claim the maximum number of lives in 2014 (source). Our roads are getting bigger and cars are getting sturdier. but fatalities are not reducing. We believe that the key to reducing injuries and fatalities lies in an integrated road emergency management system. Raksha SafeDrive is capable of Automatic Crash Detection Smart Panic Button 24x7 Emergency Support Notification (Call/SMS) GPS Tracking Driver Performance Score Ours is a first-of-its-kind Make-For-India solution to address a national problem.

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Biker, Blogger & Movie Buff. CMO at @RakshaNet. Tweets are mostly notes to self!
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