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Founder, RAIN


Merce Miller

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Benjamin Raimo

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I work with RAIN Hiring and on-boarding new sales team members.
Integrated marketing/branded content specialist with a background in strategy/targeting. Skilled media planner, relationship builder and account manager.

Peter Gluck

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I was one of the first people to view pictures of ice on Mars!
Communications specialist. Former Communications Dir for Member of Congress. Consultant for a range of businesses including solar, private equity and start-up.

Ashish Gupta

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Sami D'Amico

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McKenzie Huebner

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I'm a connector. Whether it's with my team, my clients, or those at a disadvantage, it's my passion to help others attain their goals, in business and in life.
Founder of multiple startups. Digital strategist for Fortune 500 marketing campaigns.

Board members and advisors

Head of Open Source, Blockchain at Facebook Formerly Developer Advocate at Parse, Facebook Co-founder of @simplehoney Co-Founder of @Icanhascheezburger
Past CEO MasterChannel, SportsBuy; Co-Founder @Enigma Digital; Founder/Pres @Enigma Records, EVP Disney/Hollywood Records. Consult to media/tech/legal cannabis.

Former team

Emily Basileo

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Kevin Eddy

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Arjay Waran

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Amber Ledet

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