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Josh Cramer

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Technology & Business Leader. Cloud-based software architect. Broadband network architect. Agile team builder. Business Model Designer. Lean Startup Speaker.

Dennis Anthony Porto

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General partner at Huat.Ventures. Studied AI and frontier tech at Harvard and medicine and surgery (MD) at U Iowa.

Aaron Voisine

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Renae Neumann

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David Yerger

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Managing Director at Redwood Digital Group, a blockchain technology and cryptocurrency hedge fund. Formerly on business team at BitGo and Founder of Kudzu Foods

Mohammad Razzouqi

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Jimmy Song

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Instructor and Sole Proprietor at programmingblockchain.com. Bitcoin developer and entrepreneur. CoinDesk Contributor.

Paul Hieromnimon

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10x Engineer with expertise in Erlang, Elixir, Rails, Java, Distributed Systems, Video and Media
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