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Craig Carle

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Worked at Radius Agent, HomeAdvisor. Experience with Financial, Insurance, Life Insurance. Went to Hastings College

Raman Choudhary

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Software Engineer @Radius Agent Worked at @Goomo @Playment

Samantha Bennett

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Detail and results-orientated with a desire to utilize work ethic and passion in order to positively affect clients’ experience.

Dylan Lucas

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Business generalist: product design specialist, marketing and branding enthusiast, and big problem solver.

Preyes Mahendra

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Working as Android Developer at my current workplace. Keen to learn new technologies and explore backend tech and tools.

Ranjithkumar Matheswaran

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iOS Developer at Radius Agent. Work with a team of three in creating an iOS app for Radius used by thousands of Real Estate agents. Works in Swift & ObjC.

Amber Tormey

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Product designer specializing in UX research and design.

Emily Callaway

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Experienced consultative management partner and search expert skilled in full-cycle sourcing and strategic process improvement advisory for growing companies.

Vibha Shenoy

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QA Engineer with expertise in automating mobile applications using Appium. Moderate level of experience in Selenium and TOSCA to automate web based applications

Neethu Dharan N

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@Radius(formerly Agentdesks), Looking for Passionate Developers to join our team | Please visit _https://www.radiusagent.com/

Shaily Bindra

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A smart hard worker, a creative engineer & an innovative thinker paying more attention to efficient approach.

Raghunathan A

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Board members and advisors

Entrepreneur Real Estate & Technology. Founder HighNote. Founded + Exited @Climb Real Estate, @Climb Labs. MSEE, AI, wireless. Sold @Climb Real Estate 2016.
DoorDash. Past: Square, Facebook, Google.

Former team

Santhosh kumar

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Monet Medina

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Matt Puettmann

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Samkit Jain

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Alan Lin

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Tsion Goytom

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