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Aerial Robotics Platform for the Comprehensive Inspection of Large Commercial Structures

Sensor Fusion and SLAM Engineer!

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We are looking for a robotics engineer to join our team to develop a fully autonomous NDT drone. You will be working directly under the CTO, along with a diverse team of Software, Computer Vision and Mechanical engineers.

We are looking for someone with Sensor Fusion and SLAM experience, particularly in the use of 3D Lidar and cameras (mono/stereo), and are intimately familiar with application of such techniques on a multi-rotor drones. He or she must also have ROS experience and good knowledge of Python. Experience in C++ is a plus but not necessary. Experience with PX4/Ardupilot based flight controller systems is preferred.

The main duty of the position is to drive forward the development of a fully automated drone system for the inspection and maintenance of wind turbine blades. Daily routine involves hands-on testing, debugging and system level problem solving tasks.

The position is full time, with initial contract length of 3 months. The candidate can work remotely and can be located outside of the United States. The work will be compensated based on their experience and capability. The candidate should have the ambition to work towards a long-term position and equity in the company.

The experiences we desire:

● Experience with relevant open-source libraries e.g. OpenCV, PCL
● Strong knowledge of SLAM and V-SLAM algorithms such as BLAM, LOAM and Cartographer
● Experience with various hardware sensor types and modalities (eg. IMU, 3D-lidar, mono cameras, stereo cameras, event cameras, gps, odometry, radar, ultrasonic, etc.)
● Experience with real-time sensor fusion (e.g. IMU, 3D-lidar, camera, odometry)
● Experience with real-time sensor fusion techniques including probabilistic filters such as EKF/UKF
● Strong knowledge of data handling for vision sensors, such as lidar point cloud and depth image data

Personality traits we desire:

● A huge desire to achieve
● A hunger to learn
● Good technical communication skills and interpersonal skills

Project Description:

● Use expertise in Computer Vision and SLAM to help team implement optimal point cloud mapping and localization based on data gathered from airborne 3D Lidar.
● Use expertise in Computer Vision and sensor fusion to implement visual mapping capability.
● Use expertise in segmentation and machine learning to help optimize the ability of targeting exact objects.

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Aerial Robotics Platform for the Comprehensive Inspection of Large Commercial Structures

Radii Robotics focuses on Clean Technology, Robotics, Internet of Things, and Drones. Their company has offices in Los Angeles. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.radiirobotics.com

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