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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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Radiance is recruiting for a bright, strong, and experienced Chief Financial Officer to be a co-founder focused on making critical decisions with regards to Company financial management, profit strategy, funding, and investor relations.

Responsibilities and Duties:

• Serve as the financial leader in the Company

• Conceive, define, and execute the Company's profit strategy

• Lead, drive, and secure Company funding. Engage in activities and investor relations at the Angel and VC institutional investment level

• Creating detailed strategic business plans & financial presentations for investment

• Financial oversight to enable product-to-market. Overseeing the overall financial well-being of the Company.

• Lead, and oversee all financial and business strategies, risks, and management with regards to Company activities

• Creating financial projections & Pro Formas

• Lead and be responsible for Company financial management and taxes

• Executive Treasurer responsibility

• Interpret and understand basic legal documents

Qualifications and Skills:

• 10+ years of experience in the high-tech industry with Finance

• Previous experience & successes raising funding at the Angel and VC level

• Previous experience & successes bringing product-to-market

• Bachelor's or Master's in Finance or Accounting

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