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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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Radiance is searching for a bright, strong, and experienced Chief Financial Officer to be a co-founder to come onboard, and be focused & dedicated in making critical decisions with regards to overall Company financial management, cash flow, capital, and financial controls.

New challenges arise everyday that requires creativity and sharp problem-solving skills, as well as tenacity, courage, and the ultimate competitive spirit.

This leadership position is highly cross-functional between roles.

Responsibilities and Duties:

• Serve as the top finance leader in the Company

• Conceive, define, and execute the Company's overall financial strategy

• Focus on cash flow, and place great emphasis on captial and implementing financial controls in place.

• Lead, drive, and secure Company funding. Engage in activities and investor relations at the Seed, Angel, and Series institutional investment level

• Conceive and create detailed strategic business plans and financial presentations for Company strategic direction and investment

• Financial foresight and oversight for long-term sustainment. Overseeing the overall financial well-being of the Company.

• Lead, and oversee all financial and business strategies, risks, and management with regards to Company activities

• Create detailed financial projections and Pro Formas

• Lead and be responsible for Company financial management and taxes

• Executive Treasurer responsibility

• Interpret and understand basic legal documents

Qualifications and Skills:

• 15+ years of experience in the high-tech industry with Finance

• 15+ years of high-tech business experience

• Must have previous experience leading a finance team in the high-tech industry

• Previous demonstrated experience & successes raising funding at the Angel and VC level

• Previous proven experience and successes bringing a product-to-market

• Bachelor's in Finance or Accounting

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Consumer Electronics

Radiance VR focuses on Consumer Electronics. Their company has offices in Charlotte. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees. To date, Radiance VR has raised $60K of funding; their latest round was closed on June 2019.

You can view their website at http://radiance-vr.com or find them on LinkedIn.

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