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Principal Computer Vision Engineer

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Radiance VR, Inc., based in Charlotte, NC, is an American high-tech consumer electronics manufacturer that designs, engineers, and markets virtual reality personal computing systems.

Radiance is recruiting for a bright and experienced Computer Vision Engineer to come onboard, and be focused & dedicated on leading virtual reality software initiatives. New challenges arise everyday that requires creativity and sharp problem-solving skills, as well as tenacity, courage, and the ultimate competitive spirit.
This leadership position is highly cross-functional between roles.

The summary of this role includes the design, engineering, and implementation of virtual reality computer vision programs used in virtual reality hardware. In a collaborative setting, you will need to design, write novel virtual reality computer vision programs, test, implement performance evaluations, and work cross-functionally with industrial design, optical, electrical, mechanical, and software engineering.

Responsibilities and Duties:

• Serve as the computer vision engineering leader in the Company

• Lead all Company computer vision software initiatives

• Develop creative computer vision and tracking software

• Analyze, design, develop and debug computer vision and tracking software for advanced virtual reality hardware

• Design novel real-time 3D scene reconstruction techniques and delivering accurate visual odometry systems

• Apply machine learning to computer vision problems. Research and prototype techniques and algorithms for object detection and recognition

• Design robust software for integrating multiple sensors and tracking systems

• Prototype computer vision solutions for tracking, detection and modeling

• Lead research that enables modeling and tracking of the human body

• Lead cutting edge research in computer vision

• Lead research that can be applied to near and long-term product development

• Work closely with industrial design, electrical engineering, optical, mechanical engineering leadership

Qualifications and Skills:

• MSc. or Ph.D. in Computer Science with a concentration in Computer Vision

• Previous demonstrated experience with specifically virtual reality computer vision projects preferred

• Must have previous experience with computer vision projects

• Must have previous demonstrated experience with machine learning, Bayesian filtering, information theory, and 3D geometry

• No visa sponsorships available

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