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Platform automating high-yield property portfolio returns through short-term rentals

Director of Real Estate Operations

$70k – $150k • 1.0% – 3.0%
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Elevator Pitch

We are seeking a highly motivated, entrepreneurial individual with a real estate background to join our team of fast-moving technologists and operators on our mission to redefine how guests stay and to make it easier for hosts and owners to operate short-term rentals. In this position you will be given the opportunity to play a key leadership role in one of our primary business units (short-term property management) and to contribute regularly to our other, fast-growing business unit (software-as-a-service property technology).

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina. Remote OK

Strategic Work – Strategy is our path or bridge for going from where we are today to where we want to be. It is the longer-term, birds’-eye-view of the work. List an overview of this position’s strategic work needed to help achieve the Result Statement(s) listed above.

  • Create and execute our enterprise sales strategy from end-to-end. This includes generating leads, hosting meetings, building collateral, authoring contracts, inputting deals into a CRM, and everything else involved holistically in the sales effort.
  • Manage accounts for all enterprise sales accounts. This includes update calls/meetings, communications, in-person travel, reporting, and more. Use data to build the profile of the customers and deals we want (for non-enterprise customers as well). These are profitable, low-touch customers who can scale with us as we grow.
  • Build and execute a seamless experience for those customers above (in #3) that creates delight and leads to expanding business and referrals. Identify high priority problems, write the problem statement(s), and suggest solutions to problems in total ownership fashion.
  • Always factor in Intellectual Property to your mindset and recommend software to build that increases our enterprise value and prevents us from receiving a ‘property management valuation’.
  • Be prepared to roll up your sleeves as an individual contributor until you have a team of reports; when the time is right, make the business case(s) for hires on your team; when business cases for hires are approved, source and hire great candidates; when you hire great candidates, manage them effectively and per Rabbu’s Handbook and Standard Operating Procedures.

Tactical Work – (“Getting it Done”). List an overview of the position’s detailed work – this should include work that utilizes 90% of the role’s day-to-day.

  • Generate, qualify, and close enterprise leads.
  • Answer customer questions.
  • Own and optimize the onboarding process from contract to listing.
  • Build the ideal customer reporting tools; answer questions from customers related to those reports.
  • Build and execute a referral program to grow accounts.

Company-Wide Standards – All employees are held to the following standards:

  • Prioritize customer experience and the Company’s values as the top priority.
  • Treat all team members & customers with respect & courteousness at all times (inside and outside the office).
  • Support one another regardless of the situation and find a way to solve even the most difficult of problems.
  • Maintain an enthusiastic and positive attitude, clear and calm communication (written and verbal) and a high level of helpfulness.
  • Undertake ‘absolute ownership’ and understand that you are complicit in the actions of the Company. How can you help make it better?
  • Be mindful of your colleagues’ time. Utilize terminology such as Show Stopper, High Priority and Low Priority
  • Immediate managers will be notified of any issues that cannot be resolved, or deadlines that cannot be met, within a reasonable time frame, and before the deadline has arrived.
  • All proprietary company information will be held as strictly confidential outside the company.

Required Skill: Excellent written and verbal communication
Self-starter willing to proactively dive in and get their hands dirty to solve problems in a startup environment
Passionate about real estate, technology, and the short-term rental market

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Platform automating high-yield property portfolio returns through short-term rentals

Rabbu focuses on Real Estate, Hospitality, Rental Housing, Property Management, and Sharing Economy. Their company has offices in Charlotte. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at http://rabbu.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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