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Rabbu began as a property management company – incorporating innovative and intuitive tech, our mission was to improve the travel experience in an ever-growing sharing economy. After getting to know the industry, we decided that tackling just one problem at a time wasn’t enough. The outcome of this insight is our comprehensive and thoughtfully designed software built for the future of travel. Partnering with industry giants such as Samsung and Amazon, we’ve revolutionized the modern hospitality industry. We are a diverse, passionate team focused on making something that matters; our goal is to make the limits of your world the click of a mouse.

At Rabbu, our culture is centered around autonomy, responsibility, and accountability. Our company ethos is goal - oriented, and we are looking for employees as committed to those goals as we will be to their voices and contributions. As a startup, we celebrate our team’s ambition and utilize everyone’s unique skill set to make that vision a reality.
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