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Swarm-enabled, semi-autonomous agriculture equipment

Swarm-enabled, semi-autonomous agriculture equipment

Small, modular, swarm-enabled, autonomous and all-electric farm vehicles capable of multiple tasks usually done by separate vehicles on the farm.

Specs: 5ft long, 3ft wide. 250 lbs, 4 wheel steering, 15hp, 24/7 operation without human intervention.

Our goal is to design the best navigation package for others to bolt their precision technologies onto. In this way we can accelerate the move towards more precision in agriculture by lowering the barrier to entry for implement/application focused companies.

Our machines add up to a 65% increase in farmers profits through increased yield, lower capital expenditure costs, lower maintenance costs and increased productivity. Their small size opens the door for more proactive management, experimentation and a move away from monoculture farms; all key aspects in a sustainable future.

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Zack James

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Recent Law graduate, serial entrepreneur, master fabricator and skilled programmer.