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Get the News you want and chat about it with friends in one place

Get the News you want and chat about it with friends in one place

QwikGist is a free web & mobile social news platform that allows users to bring all the stories they enjoy from different sources into one place to create conversations with their GistPals/friends through QwikChat. In Nigeria, there are over 900 different local blogs and apart from QwikGist, there is no other internet media company that focuses on providing unique content for signed-up users. Signing up on QwikGist allows users to have the ability to select their own story sources, add their own unique story sources and to invite their friends to read what they find interesting together while keeping tabs of what they've read with some ranking/gamification. Also, chat activities is recorded as the 4th biggest Internet activity in Nigeria and Qwikgist is the single platform that allows users reading a common story to chat with their friends about the story they are reading together in one place.

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Onyeka Akumah

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Founded QwikGist, worked @Konga.com, Rocket Internet, Deloitte, British Council & designed over 90 websites via his 1st start-up focused on digital - Anozim.com