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Gift Cards and Beyond

Gift Cards and Beyond

Qwikcilver is the Pioneer and single largest end-to-end service provider in the prepaid, gift card space, serving the who’s who of the retail and service industries in India, the Middle East, South East Asia, and more recently, having entered the Australia & New Zealand region. Qwikcilver today, using its robust, secure, banking- standard, transaction management platform, powers 9 out of every 10 gift cards and e-gift cards sold. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, with offices in Dubai and Singapore and soon to open in Australia, Qwikcilver manages over 700 million transactions annually. It is the definitive one-stop-shop for different variants of prepaid programs, digital and digitized gift card programs, promotion programs, loyalty programs, discount programs, and the like. The Qwikcilver platform has been successfully deployed across the world at our retail partner stores and online as well. Qwikcilver offers a completely secure, banking standard, transaction management platform that operates simultaneously across multi geographies, multi time zones and supports multi-currencies in real-time. Pioneering and creating new markets requires great flexibility and innovation. Qwikcilver has assumed the mantle of an aggregator/distributor partner to the brands, offering myriad gift cards and e-gift card solutions to the marketplace using a variety of distribution channels, re-sellers, retail points, catalogs, and the like, including its own consumer-facing web- commerce engine woohoo.in and even catering to consumers on the move through the innovative Woohoo mobile app.

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