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Quizling is a fun, simple, flexible and powerful quiz making and sharing app running on the IOS/Apple platform. It is mobile native. In the current Stage 1, it allows educators and learners to create, play, share and edit quizzes. Quizzes can be made on any topic for any level of learner.

Quizzes are a simple and straightforward format which people 'intuitively' understand. The power of a quiz as a pedagogical tool, to preview or review a topic, is enormous. Quizzes are also fun. Quizling makes the 'quick quiz' simpler, and more useful.

Quizling is a refined and reliable product - we have made an app that can be learned easily and deployed quickly within the classroom. it has been extensively tested and validated within schools and classrooms. Students as young as Grade 3 have created and enjoyed playing their own quizzes within classes. Learners of all ages have enjoyed playing Quizling in a variety of 'game formats'.

Dion Oxley

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