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Free Writing Tools for K-12 Students

Quill.org Chief of Staff (Nonprofit Educational Technology)

$120k – $160k • No equity
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Quill.org's mission is to help low-income students become strong writers.

Quill.org’s free online tools help low-income K-12 students become strong writers and critical thinkers. We provide teachers with free access to our research-based curriculum, and our activities incorporate machine learning and natural language processing to provide students with immediate feedback on their work, enabling students to revise their writing and quickly improve their skills.

There are 30 million low-income K-12 students in the United States who struggle with basic writing, one of the most important skills people need to improve reading comprehension and advance critical thinking. We are aiming to help at least 10 million low-income students become strong writers and critical thinkers in the next five years, and we have already helped more than three million students across the United States.

In 2018, Fast Company recognized Quill.org as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Education Companies of 2018 alongside Duolingo, Sesame Workshop, and Coursera. Quill is an open-source organization, and we work with a large community of developers and educators to launch new literacy tools aligned to our mission. Through a nonprofit, community-led effort, we will be able to build open source tools that serve the needs of students across the world.

Chief of Staff Role

As the Chief of Staff at Quill.org, you will be a leader of a rapidly growing organization. You will report to and work directly with the Executive Director to help manage and grow the nonprofit organization. This role will have both externally and internally facing responsibilities as a thought-partner, strategist, and advisor in the organization. An ideal candidate has experience managing a small nonprofit organization or for-profit technology startup in a leadership role.


Strategic Planning & Grants Management (60%)

  • You will work with Quill's curriculum, partnerships, and product teams to develop strategic plans for major initiatives, such as initiatives to partner with new school districts and to develop new technology.
  • To develop these plans, you will work with organization leaders to detail organizational goals, milestones, strategic risks, schedules, budgets, and timelines. 

  • You will prepare grant proposals and grant reports based on these strategic plans that are submitted to our partners and funders. 

  • Alongside the Executive Director, you will build relationships with new and current strategic partners, including foundations, education publishers, and Quill’s Board of Directors, through video calls, email campaigns, and, once safe to do so, conferences and in-person events. 

  • You will oversee the progress made on project deliverables, and you will prepare and submit reports detailing progress against these deliverables for strategic partners. 

Organizational Leadership: Finance, Operations, HR (40%)
As the Chief of Staff, you will oversee the operational management of the nonprofit organization.

  • You will create and oversee hiring processes for new staff members. 

  • You will lead onboarding process for new staff members and manage professional development for the team, including working with a DEI partner to bring best practices to the organization. 

  • You will develop and implement a new performance evaluation system that provides pathways for career growth and a level-based compensation system.
  • You will lead all-hands team meetings and plan team retreats. 

  • You will work with the Executive Director to support the Board of Directors, including planning quarterly meetings and managing ongoing requests.

  • You will prepare quarterly financial reports for the Board of Directors and work with the Executive Director to develop the annual budget. 

  • You will manage operational processes such as annual audits and contract reviews.

  • You will oversee our bookkeeping partners which manages payroll and benefits. 

  • If needed, You will hire and manage an operations associate to help support operational tasks, such as audit preparation, payroll and benefits. 

As the Chief of Staff, you will be managing a number of different smaller tasks that occur less frequently, rather than focusing on just a few big projects, and the ideal candidate excels with multi-tasking and managing multiple projects simultaneously.

While there are a number of items listed here, as a small nonprofit, these responsibilities tend to recur on a monthly or quarterly basis, rather than a day to day basis. You will be supported by Peter Gault, Quill’s Executive Director, who currently manages these tasks, and Quill’s bookkeeping team. Additionally, the Chief of Staff may hire and manage an operational associate to help manage finance, HR, and operations tasks.

As the Chief of Staff, you will work closely with the other organizational leaders, and you will be involved in debating strategic questions, bringing on and maintaining high leverage funding partners and helping the organization to run smoothly. Your insights will play a critical role in Quill’s growth and success.

Required Experience

Candidates should have at least five years of experience with fundraising, operations, finances, and/or project management at a nonprofit or a small for-profit technology startup. Candidates do not need to have experience in all the responsibilities listed above as long as the candidate has an interest in learning these skills and managing this work. For example, candidates who do not have direct experience with either accounting or finance should be comfortable using tools like Excel to build formulas and financial projections. Candidates who do not have prior experience writing or preparing grants should have experience developing complex strategic plans that include detailed budgets and timelines.

Senior Level Leadership Experience:

  • 5+ years experience in a nonprofit or technology startup management position.

  • Demonstrated ability to develop strategic plans and/or grant proposals for high-level funders and board members. 

  • Demonstrated ability to recruit, hire and retain A players.

  • Demonstrated ability to make sound decisions in rapidly changing and complex environments.

  • Familiarity with HR and finance processes.

  • Emotional maturity and high emotional intelligence.

  • Ability to manage multiple deadlines and priorities.

  • Attention to detail and accuracy.

  • Exceptional written and spoken communication skills.

For Your Information

Location: Based in New York City, but the team is remote through early 2021.

Salary: $120,000-$160,000 plus benefits.

Benefits: Health, Dental, Vision Insurance (Aetna), 4% 401k Matching, 32 Days Paid Holidays & Paid Days Off (with Unlimited Sick Leave).

Travel: There is no regular travel for this position, though we visit our West Coast funders in person at least once a year.

Team size: At present, we have 23 full-time employees and four people on the management team.

Start date: December 2020 / January 2021.

Typical office hours: Quill maintains a 40 hour work week. Quill is very comfortable with a flexible work schedule with the idea that the work gets done.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter via AngelList or via email to jobs@quill.org with the subject line: CHIEF OF STAFF. We will start to conduct phone interviews by late October and anticipate the process will take a few weeks to conclude.

New York City
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Not Available
5+ years
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Peter Gault

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Christina Collins

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Director of School Success for Quill.org | Previously: Pearson, Chicago Public Schools, NWEA | Experienced in Training, Coaching, Sales, and Customer Engagement

Peter Gault

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Founder @Quill.org. Teaching students critical thinking through writing to help millions of people articulate their own ideas.

hannah monk

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Free Writing Tools for K-12 Students

Quill.org focuses on Education, Language Learning, Natural Language Processing, K-12 Education, and Education Technology. Their company has offices in New York City. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at http://quill.org/ or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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