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The marketplace for buying and selling digital collectibles. Over 2.1B assets issued



Michael Bramlage

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CEO & Co-Founder @Quidd a Sequoia-backed company digitizing collectibles, memorabilia, and art. Previous: @Topps, @Microsoft, @Nokia


Jesse Schneider

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Technical Product Manager & iOS dev @Quidd. Extensive research exp @Columbia and strong finance background. Kayaking, NYC explorer & all that jazz.
Co-Founder of Subskribr, awsome iOS engineer, heavy coffee drinker and all about the tech baby

Domenic Polidoro

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I am a 100% Kotlin developer with a passion for Android Development. My extensive background with athletics has given me confidence to work in & lead groups.
Creative image-maker with a passion for producing. Currently creating branded content for BuzzFeed. BFA in Film & TV Production from Tisch School of the Arts.

Ian Hundiak

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Background in game production and managing operations teams. I strive to push products to their limits, and launch my team to new levels of talent and success.

Ross Blum

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Worked at Quidd, PingMD. Experience with Operations, Business Plan, Business Development. Went to Benjamin Cardozo School of Law, Georgetown, and Babson College

Tamara Lapin- Quidd

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Former team

Anand Srinivasan

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Adam Hadi

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Faye Hays

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