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The marketplace for buying and selling digital collectibles. Over 2.1B assets issued.

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Silly on the surface, but very serious underneath, we're using digital stickers, digital trading cards, and digital 3D figures to validate new consumer appetites for owning, valuing, and exchanging purely digital objects.

With 7M collectors, 2.1B assets issued, 6 transactions per second, and over $11M (and growing!) in asset value locked up in our ecosystem, we've proven that real people will love, value, and then collect digital works of art that only exist behind the glass on your phone or monitor.

Like paper money being replaced by electronic payments and online banking, the company is ushering in the digitization of collecting, owning, and exchanging fine art, memorabilia, and collectibles.

Come join us and help us transform our silly stickers into investment-grade virtual assets, unlocking millions of dollars of value in our ecosystem and providing collectors with real-world liquidity via crypto and fiat payment gateways.