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Delivering anything, anywhere!

Delivering anything, anywhere!

While other Startups are focusing ONLY in food delivery. QuickDrop Delivering anything, anywhere! QuickDrop is a local on demand delivery service based in the Washington, DC area that assists individuals with everyday delivery needs. QuickDrop is affordable, convenient, and delivers, literally, and in customer satisfaction. One Example of QuickDrop’s convenience enables an everyday customer to shop online, or at a retail location, and with the touch of a finger, schedule delivery for an item that may be too large for an average car to have it delivered straight to your front door. You can also use QuickDrop to deliver your personal items from point A to point B. Simply enter a pick-up point and a drop off point and QuickDrop will take care of the rest by retrieving and delivering your goods safely and efficiently.

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CEO/Founder Founder @QuickDrop, @Grv Logistics,LLC. • Studied at @Strayer University