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QueueDr is a tight-knit, remote US team focused on building the best scheduling solutions in healthcare. We have a clear set of values that drive our work everyday. 1) Simplicity and Seamlessness - every product QueueDr has built is 100% automated meaning it requires not an ounce of work from the healthcare system. 2) Focus - QueueDr doesn't build everything, only the best things. 3) Empathy - QueueDr will put ourselves in the shoes of our users and colleagues. 4) Self Responsibility - QueueDr employees are given the ability to blaze their own path and grow in ways that they can't in a normal startup. 5) Team>Self - At QueueDr we don't do politicking. 6) Mistakes - It's ok to make a mistake, it means you are trying new things. Just don't make the same mistake twice. 7) Directness - We are always working to solve the problem and provide feedback to do that. Every member of our team has been responsible for vouching for and hiring another current member of our team, a fact we are very proud of.