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Leading venture fund in Asia

Leading venture fund in Asia

Quest Ventures is a leading venture fund for companies that have scalability and replicability in large internet communities.

Since 2011, Quest Ventures has focused on an overarching 'digital commerce' strategy across Asia, and is one of the largest early-stage technology investors in artificial intelligence, e-commerce and marketplaces, entertainment, finance, food, insurance, logistics, media, property, sports, and the Islamic digital economy. Portfolio companies include industry leaders such as 99.co, Carousell, Carro, Ethis, Glife, MGAG/SGAG, Shopback, VulcanPost, and Xfers.

Southeast Asia's potential is ultimately realized in its people. By the end of 2018, Quest Ventures’ portfolio of 40+ venture-backed companies operate in more than 150 cities across Asia, creating employment and advancement opportunities for more than 4,400 employees, while its Enterprise and ESG efforts directly impact thousands more.

Yunming Wang

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Venture Partner @questvc, venture fund for internet startups in China. Co-founder @55tuan.com, social e-commerce in China. Founder, @Jeehe. Founder, @51maimai

James Tan

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Managing partner @Quest Ventures. Co-founder & COO @55tuan.com (NASDAQ)