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Ari Tulla

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CEO @Quest Analytics • Co-founder @BetterDoctor • Head of App & Game Studios @Nokia • Startup Advisor • Investor
Co-Founder & CTO @ @Quest Analytics. Business and product savvy technologist.


Andrea D'Eramo

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Obsessed with UX Design, Content Strategy, and helping people make sense of money. Currently @Robinhood democratizing access to our financial system.

Shalina M

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Anders Rex

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Engineering @ @Quest Analytics

Melissa Mitchell-Trevino

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An innovative problem solver who enjoys implementing transformative solutions for large organizations and challenging populations.

Funso Iyaju Stephen

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Darren Huff

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Results driven sales professional with a passion for customer service and retention.

Kathryn Morrical

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Software Engineer/Web Developer seeking role with opportunities to work on UI/UX.
Investment Manager at Creandum ($500m under mgmt and first investor in Spotify). Mentor at 500 startups. Founder of UBI Global.

Melinda Heard

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Heather Cupp

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Diane Kostka

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Experienced data leader with a track record of inspiring excellence, creating team culture based on performance, innovation and passion.

Jacky So

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Community builder with a hard science background who dove into tech. I consider myself a people-connector first and an engineer second.

Neel Anand

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Software Engineer @Quest Analytics. Previously @Better. SJSU Software Engineering

Andrew Kobylinski

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I help startups bring new products to market.
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Board members and advisors

Michael Palmer

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Lifelong Healthcare Expert: CEO Exhale Advisors; Aetna Chief Innovation & Digital Officer; 18-year Accenture Partner

John Watts Jr.

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Board Member/Advisor/Consultant, former Anthem Commercial/Consumer CEO, former Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia CEO

Charles Boorady

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Former team

Ryan Eckenrode

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Pauliina Alanen

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Laura Pereyra

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Laura Pereyra

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Jordan McIntosh

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