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Easy lab management. Streamline communication, consolidate ordering, & track inventory



Founder of Quartzy, a Khosla-backed startup in Palo Alto building a marketplace in the life-sciences. PhD in engineering from Cornell. B.Tech from IIT Madras.
MD, PhD from Columbia


Alyssa Nelson

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University of Michigan grad. Currently @ Quartzy.

Andrew Warren-Love

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Software Engineer at Quartzy building a lab management and purchasing application. Master of CS from NC State University. Most experienced in C#, PHP, and C.

Monica Velarde

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Works at Quartzy

YeBin Shiny Park

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6+ years of successful sales & customer service experience, managing expectations & solving any problems to provide seamless experiences

Dylan Goldade

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QA Analyst at Quartzy. Web App tester and customer engagement. Experience with Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Salesforce. Went to Willamette University

John Miller

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Worked at Quartzy, University of Chicago. Experience with Automation, Data Processing, Ecommerce. Went to University of Chicago

Daniel Huynh

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Worked at Quartzy. Went to San Jose State University

Jacob Smith

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Scientist by training. Dreamer at heart. Advocate of hard work, creativity and building personal connections.

Christopher Umbach

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Full stack software engineer, specialized in Ruby on Rails, React.js and Ember

Chris Muthig

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Highly motivated and capable generalist. Currently helping scientists do research at @Quartzy

Alina Senderzon

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Product Design Lead

Stephen Tolmie

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Kayla Herbs

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Built by ambition, driven by curiosity. Creative-minded. Currently Sr. Sales Manager at Quartzy.

Bheem Bhatia

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FP&A background, worked in software, solar, banking and SaaS. Assisted in taking a company IPO. Berkeley MBA ('16), SUNY buffalo MA econ.

Chloe Larson

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Worked at Quartzy
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Former team

Tommy Hung

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Mary Hatch

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Sophia Wilhelmi

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George Bonaci

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Patrick Kriske

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Alex Marshall

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