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Lab Management Platform (YC S11)

Lab Management Platform (YC S11)

Quartzy is a rapidly growing free lab management platform used by thousands of labs in academic, hospital, pharma, and biotech settings. Quartzy makes it easy for labs to manage their inventories, submit order requests, and track lab equipment and protocols. The software has been received by the community to glowing reviews.

Traditionally in the life-sciences market (US $20B), manufacturers and distributors use sales reps to reach their customers. Quartzy's free lab management platform aggregates the buyers ("labs") and enables vendors to reach their customers efficiently. Quartzy generates revenue by charging suppliers for this access.

Quartzy thus adds value to both sides of the market - To labs by offering a free and easy-to-use product and to manufacturers by helping them to reach their customers effectively.
Founder of Quartzy, a Khosla-backed startup in Palo Alto building a marketplace in the life-sciences. PhD in engineering from Cornell. B.Tech from IIT Madras.
MD, PhD from Columbia
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