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Do you work in the construction and want to help guide your industry into the information age? Are you a physicist ready to model job sites instead of the interiors of stars?

Software Engineer

Senior Perception Engineer

Overall Responsibilities

This role will lead the effort to select the sensing equipment/technologies we put on construction site, develop guidelines for how to design hardware around this equipment, and make sure the incoming data is in a form needed by our machine learning organization.

Near T...

Software Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

*Overall Responsibilities *

-Lead our machine learning effort to create actionable insights from our unique construction data set

Near Term Tasks

-Create a CNN to recognize construction workers and common construction equipment

Long Term Tasks

-Build a model that understands and predicts the...

Software Engineer

Computer Vision Engineer

  • Implement tracking and identification of a variety of objects on collected data sets
  • You have shipped code in a production environment
Software Engineer

Backend Engineer

Posted 8 months ago
  • Developing / maintaining a Python/Flask app which is responsible for supporting a web front end

  • Developing / maintaining the system to communicate with on-site data collection systems on construction sites

Software Engineer

Front End Engineer

Posted 5 months ago
  • Experience with React and React Native
  • General front end web development experience with HTML/CSS/Javascript
Software Engineer

Product Focused Full Stack Developer

Posted 4 months ago
  • Several years of professional python experience, and comfort with SQL databases
  • Experience with React is a nice, but willingness to learn more important.