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    Carlo Garza

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    Sean Baranik

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    Michigan State Grad; Media Guru; Content Creator

    Shae Young

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    Steven Tran

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    A specialist in the recruiting world with all knowledge recruiting -- from to sourcing, to closing, and all things operations, programs and analytics.

    Taylor Corr

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    Audience Measurement and Advanced Targeting at Scale @. Quantcast

    Allen Corona

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    Alexandra Dunlap

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    Alan Wehausen

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    Airey Baringer III

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    Experienced product manager, team leader, and innovator

    Lori Barry

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    Simon Law

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    Full-stack developer. Jack of all trades, master of some.

    Sean Kelly

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    Andrew Michaud

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    Working at Quantcast. Experience with AngularJS, Agile, Javascript

    Brandon Carl

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    Software Engineer • Studied at @University of California, San Diego

    Faraaz Sareshwala

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    Former team

    Fengnan Li

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    Allison McDonough

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    Ksenya Gusak

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    Douglas Ro

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    Jonathan Smiley

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    David Hughes

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