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Why should you join? This is one of the most exciting times in terms of product development and there will be a lot to learn. It will be a fast paced job and the experience will be invaluable. Founders: Advait was the founding employee at UK based startup that raised $1.6M on Kickstarter - making it one of the 0.01% of crowdfunding projects that raise over a $1M. He also worked at a prestigious venture capital firm and interacted with the founders of large portfolio companies. Rishabh is highly technical, having graduated with a 1st class degree in Computer Science from Imperial College London (amongst the top 10 in global rankings and top 3 in UK from a variety of publishers). He has also worked in the startup space before and has built complex system architecture in the past. You will be given a high level of autonomy and significant responsibility for the task you are assigned. If you have any problems in the way we function or think that there is a better approach or mentality to certain things, we will discuss it with you until we reach a solution that is the best thing for the mission we are trying to achieve.

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