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Social Search Engine

Social Search Engine

Qually is a search engine for your personal network. Users ask questions and receive answers from their immediate (1st degree) and extended (2nd+ degree) network. The current process of searching one’s network for trusted information is time consuming and has high social barriers. Qually intelligently routes questions to the most relevant connections and enables users to tap into their extended network. With Qually, users can tap into a larger (12x) portion of their existing network in a more efficient manner. Some use cases include recommendations (travel, hyperlocal services), career advice, personal favours and introductions to people. Please get in touch to learn more.

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Imperial College London, CS graduate. Loves to solve hard problems
Founder at SuperTokens and Qually, Worked at lightbox VC ($450M fund) and raised $1.6M on Kickstarter for a hardware startup. BEng in Mech Eng.