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Raising seed funding for AI based retail technology startup

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QSmash is a British startup of mobile self-checkout technology with particular focus on retailers. We have developed a retail ecosystem, a complete end-to-end solution for best customers’ retail experience. Long queues can be pain staking, tedious and one of the biggest problem brick-and-mortar retailers facing in today’s challenging environment and costing them billions of dollars each year. In today’s digital world we aim to solve this problem from its core and eliminate queues from the retail world and change the customer experience forever! Our platform allows customers to use their smartphones to Scan, Pay and Leave the store without waiting in long queues. QSmash is only solution which is back by AI technology which will make shopping experience more securer. Intelligent computer vision software monitors every single physical interaction and tracks every inch of your store. Machine Self Learning to understand user behaviour and continuously improve user experience. Identify good and bad customers as they walk into the store. Instantaneous detection of human emotional reaction as they occur in real-time. Retailers can use the system for marketing, product placement, determine user satisfaction, reactions to different products, push personalised messages to clients and offer products based on predictive models.

We are on a mission to disrupt the market by eliminating payment machines and queues from retail world. Deep learning provides in-depth consumer behaviour which was not available before with an opportunity to highest level customer engagement and focused mobile marketing at individual level.
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Software Engineer

VP Computer Vision & Real-time video analytics (PhD)

Next generation retail focus technology startup is looking to expand its Computer Vision and Machine Learning team which plays an integral part in developing machine vision algorithms. As a VP of the Data Science team you will be leading the dynamic cutting edge computer vision technologies.

Software Engineer

Mobile App Developer

QSmash is looking for a Mobile Developer to join a Development Team. Working independently and within a team, the Software Engineer will be involved in all phases of the development lifecycle for custom mobile applications in support.

Software Engineer

Technical Co-founder/CTO for new blockchain based project - Equity only

Posted 8 months ago

I am keen to speak to an individual who has expertise in at least one of the following, peer to peer payments, blockchain, and open banking. I am looking for someone who is hands-on and ready to get hands dirty.

Software Engineer

Open Banking API Developer

Posted 3 months ago

I am setting up new project and new team. We are looking for open banking API developer, architect, specialising in APIs and microservices with knowledge of payments and current trends with specialities include API design and API security.