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Director of Fabrication and Sourcing

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Are you organized, personable, and meticulous? Do you have trouble falling asleep if you haven’t crossed off everything on your to-do list? We are looking for a production manager with these traits to take our production to the next level. Duties will include scheduling and management, deliverables, inventory, invoicing, A/R, A/P, sourcing, contract writing and enforcement, and more. Excellent communication a must. Constant usage of e-commerce software programs necessary. Relevant experience required. Must work out of Virginia HQ.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Scout, source, and secure partners to match production needs at favorable terms, taking into consideration quality, accuracy, precision, MOQ, raw materials, delivery date, payment terms, etc.
Write and strictly enforce quality standards and production contracts. This will include responsibility of receiving and verifying all inbound shipments are to spec. Detailed and nuanced knowledge of entire product line will be required.
Match and synchronize quantities across product lines, including raw materials.
Negotiate and optimize shipping and freight contracts / terms.
Establish, maintain, and manage credit relationships with suppliers.
Implement and modify systems required for accurate tracking of inventory across product launch / modifications.
Audit vendors to ensure that production output matches POs and demand.
Ensure raw materials and finished goods are compliant with relevant standards and certifications with appropriate documentation.
Fully understand and manage import/export strategies, taking into account Tariffs, IP, etc.

Knowledge Base:

Durable Goods Fabrication / Embellishment: Blow/Injection/Compression Molds, Thermoforming, 3D Printing, CNC, etc.
Textile Fabrication / Embellishment: Cut & Sew, Laser Cutting, Embroidery, etc.
Materials: Synthetic Fabrics, Plastics, Foams, Phase Change Materials, etc.
Material Adhesion and Transformation: RF and Sonic Welding, Lamination, etc.
Technical Software: SolidWorks, Fusion360, Google Sheets, etc.
Certifications: ANSI, FDA, Berry, etc.

Personal Traits:

Excellent people skills
Highly organized
Experience in production and/or manufacturing
Personal experience or training in fabrication: cut & sew, 3D printing, SolidWorks/CAD, carpentry, metal working, CNC Machining, molding, etc.

This role is part…

Lobbyist: get factories to take and prioritize our jobs
Optimizer: design and implement processes to promote efficiency and fast growth.
Bookkeeper: match and synchronize quantities and timelines
Auditor: ensure factories are not producing more products than we order and that all produced product is accounted for.
Diplomat: interface with USCBP, shipping and freight companies to facilitate timely and economical delivery while stopping counterfeits.
Bouncer: enforce contract terms when/as necessary
Problem Solver

To apply, e-mail your resume and cover letter to:

Kelly Yazdani
Director of Customer Analytics

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Personal Arterial Cooling

Qore Performance focuses on Sports, Defense, Industrial, and Hunting Industry. Their company has offices in Fairfax.

You can view their website at http://qoreperformance.com or find them on Product Hunt.

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