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Travel with Locals

Travel with Locals

Qooley is a mobile app platform where travelers across the globe can book activities in any city available within the app, which are provided by experienced locals residing within the destination cities. Travelers can book activities ranging from adventure sports to sightseeing, and experience the destination from the perspective of the local. Qooley hopes to provide travelers with a platform to connect with locals, explore the local culture and customs with them, and form life-long bonds and relationships around the world, along with getting a travel experience catered around their needs. Qooley will be ready for launch in Summer 2018.

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Anand Patel

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Co-founder at Qooley, Worked at Walgreens, Express Scripts. Experience with Business Strategy, Creative Problem Solving, Leadership.
Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Qooley, Worked at BIOVIA, Monsanto Company. Went to Johns Hopkins University, Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign