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Qonto simplifies everyday banking, finance management and accounting. We offer a user-centric business banking solution on mobile and desktop, a very responsive customer service and transparent pricing. We are targeting all businesses from 1 to 250 employees and can either replace a traditional bank account or be a complement to make every business banking as easy, efficient and hassle-free as it should be.

Our mission is to create the bank all businesses love!

We focus on client satisfaction and people development through our core values:
-Ambition: we tackle big problems
-Teamwork: we can only create magic by working together
-Mastery: we grow and get better every day
-Integrity: we care and respect our community

Key facts:
50,000+ business clients since our launch (July 2017)
150+ Qontoers
€32m in funding from tier-one VCs: Valar (founded by Peter Thiel), Alven and the European Investment Bank
The ambitious plan to expand to 3 additional European markets in 2019: Germany, Italy and Spain
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