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Customer Service and Queue Management System

Customer Service and Queue Management System

Qminder is a customer service and a queue management system
We replace sign-in sheets and take-a-number systems with an iPad based solution to queue visitors up by name.

We will make every customer interaction feel like premium customer service.

Qminder helps retail locations to sell more and customer service desks to operate more efficiently.

We capture the intent of visitors at physical locations. Based on this we can gather actionable data for the businesses and help the provide premium customer service.

Queue management is just the biggest problem in customer service and starting point. We are already providing location so much data that they are comparing us to their business intelligence tools.

Qminder is already trusted by retailers like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and customer service locations at World Bank, Lyft, HCA and the Olympics.

Siim Raud

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Co-Founder, CTO of @Qminder. Strong enterprise software development background.

Rauno Rüngas

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Founder of @Qminder • Studied Psychology at @University of Tartu

Swift developer

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