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$60k – $150k • 5.0% – 20.0%
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QiiQ Healthcare is very early stage Healthcare IoT startup.

Our mission: help hospitals dramatically improve workflow efficiency.

Our SaaS solution will provide a "Virtual Assistant" to hospital staff (initially in the emergency department). Clinicians and other care workers will use this mobile tool to much more easily:
- document patient encounters;
- initiate automated processes that are otherwise time-consuming and distracting; and
- find faster/easier/better ways of getting critical work done and enjoy sustained growth and improvement.

Underneath the QiiQ Virtual Assistant is a workflow engine. It will passively capture and report hospital workflow metrics in realtime. We exploit inexpensive bluetooth technology to follow the movements of patients and staff. This generates a new dataset for:
- personal performance dashboards and alerts;
- driving operational and clinical improvement efforts;
- analyzing experiments in QI; and
- evaluating hypotheses around populations, team dynamics, or disease states.

QiiQ (pronounced “Quick”) has amassed a great deal of opinion and insight from the clinical and operational community. The problem is now well-understood (albeit complex). BLE has emerged as a key element in the solution, as has AI - with the goal of making the data prescriptive.

To really take this on, you’ll want to have an appetite for the entrepreneurial experience:

- work closely with CEO, advisors, and customers to understand, co-develop, and execute the mission
- recruit, lead and nurture a strong engineering team
- collaborate and creatively compromise in the face of competing interests
- adapt to unexpected surprises
- lead or participate in customer and investor pitches
- be a driver; be patient; be a teacher; be a student

- Product Development
- UX Principles
- Feature Prioritization
- Full Stack Software Development
- Agile / Lean Methodology
- Project Management
- Client Services
- Hiring/Firing

6+ years leading a product development team
2+ years leading enterprise product development

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