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Home cybersecurity, simplified

Sales Pioneer

£40k – £60k • 1.0% – 2.0%
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Q-Branch Labs is looking for a dynamic and accomplished sales professional who can help us create an effective and repeatable sales process and build our sales toolchain and support system.

An ideal candidate will be one who is adept at juggling multiple start-up roles, from creating and running online advertising campaigns, directing our social media efforts, to getting down in the weeds of landing page design and building an effective funnel for converting leads into customers. Experience at PR and business development is a win but not a strict requirement.

The company is starting an enterprise pivot with our core technology and are looking for someone who can bring passion and experience to the role of building our sales and marketing infrastructure.

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Home cybersecurity, simplified

Q-Branch Labs focuses on Privacy, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, and Smart Home. Their company has offices in London. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.q-branch-labs.com/ or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.