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Home cybersecurity, simplified

Home cybersecurity, simplified

Q-Branch Labs was founded by the former lead of Facebook's security tools team to protect your home network using the same technology he used to protect Facebook from some of the best hackers on the planet.

The Q-Branch Vektor is a high-performance home cyber-security solution that protects your smart home and connected devices from hackers and snoopers. Easy to install, easy to use, with extremely powerful protection. The Vektor provides enterprise-grade security that learns what traffic on your network should look like and notifies you of anomalies and attacks. Built-in ad and web tracker blocking along with a VPN router protects user privacy, while the network control functions of the Vektor enable users to decide what devices can connect to their network and even allow them to block devices that are already connected.

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Founder of Q-Branch Labs, Facebook security tools lead, was playing with crypto-currency back when we called it ecash.