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More Than an Accounting Firm
PwC Taiwan is much more than an accounting firm. Accounting is an important base for what we do, but after beginning with numbers, we methodically proceed to the meaning behind the numbers, as well as to a host of other business questions. Grasping the meaning is not enough, for one must respond to and resolve these questions. This is why we think of ourselves as business consultants, and vital partners helping companies achieve growth.

People, Knowledge and Credibility
In order to come up with effective solutions, people are essential not just any people, but people with professional expertise in a multitude of areas. We have assembled talented professionals in various fields to put their heads together, exchange ideas and come up with the best solutions to help clients overcome the obstacles impeding their growth. Providing the finest people and professional know-how, we gain the complete trust of our clients and help their business reach full potential. In this process, we also fulfill ourselves as professionals.
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HR Project management

Posted 3 months ago
  • Help promote and develop HR related project business and maintain client relationship.
  • Develop and execute the HR solutions to meet the clients' requirement.

C.顧問類-Manager (Customs and Trade Legislation)

Posted 3 months ago
  • You will be involved in coordination and delivery of a wide range of projects for PwC and the WMS team in your territory and in conjunction with other WMS teams across the East Asia region.
  • Client projects typically require knowledge of customs valuation & classification, Free Trade Agreements, import / export compliance and trade strategy development. You will be expected to identify and deliver savings opportunities as well as compliance improvements.
Software Engineer

C.顧問類-Application Consultant/Developer- Salesforce

Posted 4 months ago
  • Design and develop Salesforce systems, including integration to other back-end systems
  • Develop test scenarios, perform component testing and participate in the review of regression, systems, and stress testing and code promotion
Software Engineer

I.資訊類- Software Engineer (System developer)

Posted 3 months ago
  • Work with PM/SA to develop and integrate information system
  • Implement or build platform needed and do relevant study and research
Software Engineer

I.資訊類- System Integration Engineer

Posted 3 months ago
  • Plan, execute, improve and monitor server and trouble shooting
  • Good understanding and ability of problem solving with PC hardware, software, emails, internet and related equipment