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The Shortest Path to Better Software

The Shortest Path to Better Software

Today, software is everywhere. It’s on our wrists, on our walls, and in our cars. It’s changed the way we shop, the way we work, the way we heal, and the way we stay connected to those we love.

Yet we also know there is no future with fewer servers. Software is only getting more complex, evolving faster than humans can keep pace. How can we benefit from future innovation if it takes too long or costs too much to implement it?

It’s time to fundamentally improve the way we do things so we can change without constraint.

Puppet is leading the movement that will define the next decade of software.

Today it’s characterized by the general realization that for companies to remain relevant, they have to constantly provide great software to their users.Tomorrow it’s defined by a world of frictionless software change – where any company can deliver a better experience to their users, at any moment.

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Luke Kanies

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Founder of Puppet and Clickety. Interested in future of work, redistribution and decentralization, worker dignity, and automation and power tools.
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