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Sorting through big data to deliver contextual healthcare data in the moment



Sydney Fleming

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Currently Senior Recruiter @Chainalysis • Formerly the Lead Recruiter @PulsePoint • Worked previously at @Trustpilot • Studied at @San Diego State University

Molly Baraff

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Worked at PulsePoint

Trisha Patel

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Worked at Yieldbot, PulsePoint

Derek Wiggins

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Worked at PulsePoint

Will Mabee

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Advisor @Appstantiate // Principal at Hope Street Digital // Formerly Head of Product at Yieldbot, GM of Leadserve Ads, NFL // Advisor at IndoorHoops

Monica Gomez

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Worked at PulsePoint, NAI Commerical Real Estate. Experience with Bilingual, Google Analytics, Microsoft. Went to San Francisco State University

Darrick Ly

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Building Relationships between People and Products.

Eugene Rachitskiy

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Software Architect at PulsePoint

Chris Muellenbach

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Just browsing the site

Monica Gomez

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Worked at PulsePoint. I, PulsePoint. Experience with Account Management, Bilingual, Facebook
Worked at @PulsePoint

Charles Theiss

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Former team

Sam Nunez

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Laura Heian

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Laura Hoepker

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Andrea Bara

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Brian Zimmerman

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Martin Malloy

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