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Operations Engineer

$50k – $80k • No equity
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This position is for you if you:

- Are passionate about technology and want to work with the latest technologies.
- Are analytical and data driven.
- Dream about automating your own job! (Don't worry, that only gets you promoted at pulseM)
- If you are up for a challenge, read on!

You will be working on:
- Monitoring and upkeep of our infrastructure. We use Redis, ElasticSearch, EBS, RDS, S3.
- Incident management processes & system uptime.
- Infrastructure scalability as our business grows.
- Keeping systems and infrastructures current.
- Monitoring and upkeep of our deployment pipe. Such as Jenkins, development servers, etc..
- Planning and design of systems and data.
- Outlining requirements for the technical roadmap.
- Writing code with the rest of the development team.

Your skillsets are up to the task if you:
- Have expertise in AWS technologies such as Redis, ElasticSearch, EBS, RDS, S3, etc...
- Have experience with tools for incident management (VictorOps), bug tracking (Sentry), and CI/CD (Jenkins).
- Have some experience in a modern server-side framework. (We use Flask).
- Have some experience in a modern front-end framework. (We use VueJS).
- Are passionate, and able to take pride in their work while also being able to take criticisms constructively.
- Can balance the importance of doing things correctly the first time while keeping development timelines and goals.

Can we convince you with:
- Newest MacBook Pro to get you up and running on day 1.
- Standup desk with a monitor.
- Wonderful building facilities. (Gym, nice outdoor seating area, 12th floor view of downtown Dallas).
- Fantastic health, dental, and vision insurance.
- Coffee machine. We like everyone to be firing on all cylinders. Unlimited tea, if you're not a coffee drinker.
- Covered parking garage to keep our cars dent free during our worse weather days.

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