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A multi-lingual Query & action platform on any device using text/voice for 7.5 B people.

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Pucho has embarked on a mission to eliminate the biggest problem in communication-Language Barrier. Our mission is to break language barrier for 7.5 billion users in the world so that they can get information in their languages /accents /dialects on any device through text or voice.

We are a team of passionate individuals motivated by our vision of bringing technology to every doorstep in the world.

Pucho's B2B segment works towards providing machine learning and artificial algorithm based solutions to companies across industries. Backed by its robust Tech Team and seamless Customer Support, Pucho is a one-stop-shop for any company looking for AI and Machine Learning based solutions. All of our tools are plug n play system compatible with most data management infrastructure.

Our products range from chatbots to simple prediction tools to complex medical image recognition solutions. If you think we can help you, all you have to do is Pucho!

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