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Key Account Manager

$1k – $20k • 0.1% – 2.0%
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“In this cross-functional role, you’ll be working with our lovely clients and help them reach more results that they even think off.

You'll be part of our product team and work closely with marketing and engineering.

You'll be responsible for :
- Active sales
- Communication with current and new customers
- Working with documents;
- Creation strategy of the campaigns for clients;
- Launch and support of advertising campaign

Your ability to analyze customer behavior through qualitative data and number crunching are outstanding. You are very smart. Your Excel skills are superb and your experience with social media and influencers is unrivaled.

You're also passionate about startups, marketing, and technology. You read TechCrunch every day and you've subscribed to the best CRO and SaaS metrics blogs.

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role

Vitalii Malets

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CEO of Publicfast, 3d startup in the road. I have the big focus on business development, revenue & hustle.

Pavel Galeta

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CTO, co-founder at Fodojo, CTO at Publicfast

Dasha Samoilenko

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Have 4 years experience in online marketing, 2,5 years in influencer marketing, 1 in product developing. Represented Publicfast platform in Ukraine.