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Co-Founder @PSPDFKit. Into bootstrapping and SaaS apps. Elixir is cool.

Jonathan Rhyne

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Business guy at PSPDFKit, overseeing the company’s growth from a 3 person team to a 25+ person company.
Founder @PSPDFKit. Strong technical background on iOS. Speaker. My superpower is finding all the bugs and sweating the details.


David Schreiber-Ranner

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Life is too short for not doing everything you want. Android enthusiast, coffee lover. Working at the awesome @PSPDFKit team.

Rad Azzouz

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I am a passionate iOS and macOS developer fascinated by SDKs, security and UI/UX design. I am based in Montreal, Canada.

Aditya Krishnadevan

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iOS Engineer with an eye for detail.

Former team

Michael Ochs

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