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Investor communications for a connected world

Investor communications for a connected world

Proxymity is a digital investor communications platform that streamlines processes such as proxy voting and shareholder disclosure. It was developed and operated by Citigroup Inc in London before it spun out in 2020 to become its own company. Proximity's core algorithm simplifies the flow of information by linking issuers, intermediaries and investors digitally. Through Proxymity, institutional investors are instantly notified once a meeting has been announced, benefit from market deadlines for voting which can give an additional nine days research and vote, and real-time confirmation that their votes were received and recorded in the meetings. In May 2020, Citigroup announced that it raised $20.5 million from eight investors including The Bank of New York Mellon, Citigroup, Clearstream, Computershare, Deutsche Bank AG, HSBC Holdings Plc, JPMorgan Chase, and State Street Corp. and that Proxymity became its own entity after raising the funds. WE CURRENTLY OFFER TWO DISTINCT PRODUCTS AS PART OF THE PLATFORM: Proxymity PV: A fully digital proxy voting solution allowing meeting data, votes and more to be sent and received in real-time Proxymity ID: A fully automated shareholder disclosure solution that aids regulatory compliance We are growing rapidly and are looking for the most dedicated and talented people to join our team in London and Tel Aviv in developer, product, operations and commercial roles. We expect your roles and responsibilities to expand with time and want team members with drive, passion and a thirst to learn and develop.

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