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Making Supply Chain Decisions Easy for Ecommerce Companies

Making Supply Chain Decisions Easy for Ecommerce Companies

Why is it that no one finds supply chain sexy? Proxii is an eCommerce supply chain technology startup based out of Denver, CO. When we tell people we're in the supply chain technology space, eyes glaze over... "Isn't that about trucks and warehouses and stuff?", is the typical response. To us, supply chain is the heart and lungs of an organization. Done well and it's a significant competitive differentiator (just ask Bezos) -- done poorly it's a major cause of business failure. Our company is focused on strengthening customer relationships between 3PLs and eCommerce brands. We do this by streamlining communications and automating day-to-day management tasks for both sides of the partnership. Our goal is to minimize service tickets, eliminate the burden of extra phone calls, texts, and emails and enable 3PLs to give their customers better visibility across their inventory and performance.

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John Ladaga

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