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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can
change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

~Margaret Mead
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Designer in Residence

About the role
Prototype Capital is looking for a Designer in Residence to boldly challenge the status quo of marketing and product design for us and our portfolio companies. We're looking for someone who can push the boundaries of two-dimensional advertising strategies to design a deeply immersi...


Communications Manager

At Prototype Capital, we're on a mission to help young ambitious founders around the country build lasting 100-year businesses around products that change the status quo by 10x.

If you're a hustler social media guru and want to help empower thousands of young entrepreneurs around the country, be...


Marketer in Residence

Job Summary: Marketing in Residence will work closely with the Marketing Manager, essentially helping to promote the company and increase the topline.

High level responsibilities will include implementing Prototype Capital's marketing plan, advertising campaigns, managing social media channels, ...


Communications/PR Specialist in Residence

About the Opportunity:
We are seeking an experienced, highly talented, and entrepreneurial problem solver to join our team as a Communications Lead in Residence. This is an exceptional opportunity to apply your passions to a hands-on role in communications, marketing and PR.


Operations Associate

Prototype Capital is looking for an extraordinary team member to fill an Operations Associate role on our team. This is an early career level, non-partner track, non-investing position.


Executive Assistant/Manager

We are looking for an energetic Executive Assistant to run the daily operations at Prototype Capital. Our Executive Assistant will wear multiple hats.


Controller/Operator in Residence

The ideal candidate is an organized, proactive and an experienced multi-tasker, who is willing to step in, roll up his/her sleeves and help out wherever needed.

Position Responsibilities:
-Understanding of reporting processes / best reporting practices for a VC firm as well as related legal / ta...