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We fund and found lasting businesses around revolutionary products

We fund and found lasting businesses around revolutionary products

At Prototype Capital, we're on a mission to help the young ambitious ones (that others don't take seriously) build lasting 100-year businesses around products that change the status quo by 10x.

We're different in two main ways:

1) We believe that there are great entrepreneurs outside Silicon Valley, NYC, and Boston too. To help empower them, our fund has a decentralized structure with partners at universities and cities around the nation finding and helping build with the very best entrepreneurs around the country.

2) We believe that access to capital is commoditized and that the real value really comes in helping you down in the trenches while you build. Being a founder is hard and since both of our managing partners have exited a startup before and worked in VC for 5+ years, we will help you as a "Virtual CEO" and make tough decisions.

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Rajat Bhageria

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Founder and GP @Prototype Capital • Built & Sold @ThirdEye@Forbes Contributor • EIR @Wharton School • Studied at @University of Pennsylvania

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Founder @Pyur Solutions • VC @Prototype Capital • Exec @Kairos • 30u30@UniversityofCalifornia • Formerly @Science, @Anthos Capital, & others