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Senior Developer - Software Developer, Web, UI/UX Designer, Creative Thinker

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At ProToGo we take pride in our ability to work cohesively towards an overarching goal. We are founded by a team of individuals that are motivated to achieve an end vision that consists of a drastic improvement in one of the world’s largest industries, Construction. We are looking for a self-guided individual that meshes well with our team and is able to quickly adapt to the changing market and conditions of the start-up.

Are you entrepreneurial at heart and want to gain real-world experience that’ll benefit you in any of your future career endeavors? Come join our team at ProToGo and make your mark in leading the change in an industry that’s stuck in the past.

Your primary role will be as a lead developer of our web and mobile app. Mainly responsible for collaborating with the rest of the development team and making contributions to the back-end development and, if applicable to your experience, the design of the platform. Additionally, we always encourage you to work with other aspects of the start-up such as the client-facing side, in order to develop a well-rounded team that understands the various aspects of the business.

Preferred Technical Experience (you are not required to have all of these):

Front-end and/or Back-end development
Kotlin/Android Studio experience
Xcode or Swift / iOS experience

As previously mentioned, we promote and enforce anyone on our team to explore different roles within the company, to wear different hats, and to build a well-rounded set of skills.

If you are willing to learn, interested in being a long term player in a start-up that is recently experiencing promising growth and traction from real clients, then we would urge you to reach out and connect with us!

ProToGo at a glance

ProToGo focuses on Business Services, Machine Learning, Construction, and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning. Their company has offices in San Francisco and Vancouver. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://protogo.co/ or find them on LinkedIn.

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