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We are a growing start-up with a young founding team. Experiencing recent growth and interest from clients, we've realized that we need to bring on more talented individuals in order to deliver for our clients and continue to grow. As a young start-up, ProToGo is the perfect setting for anyone who has the urge to learn and explore outside of their comfort zone, to gain invaluable experiences and skills that they can deploy in their career. We love to work with people who aren't exactly like us because we know that that makes a recipe for innovation and creativity. If any of this sounds interesting to you and resonates with you, we'd love to hear from you and to connect with you. So, please reach out and don't hesitate to contact us!
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Senior Developer - Software Developer, Web, UI/UX Designer, Creative Thinker

At ProToGo we take pride in our ability to work cohesively towards an overarching goal. We are founded by a team of individuals that are motivated to achieve an end vision that consists of a drastic improvement in one of the world’s largest industries, Construction.