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Making The Distributed Web -- IPFS and Filecoin



Juan Benet

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Inventor of IPFS and Filecoin. Founder of @Protocol Labs • Studied at @Stanford University


Chris Brocoum

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Head of Finance at Protocol Labs

Marvin Ammori

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General Counsel Protocol Labs. Previously Virgin Hyperloop One general counsel. Previously leading net neutrality and Internet freedom lawyer.

Henri Stern

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Colin Evran

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Currently work at Protocol Labs (Filecoin & IPFS). Previously, Founder @ Yard Club, which was acquired by Caterpillar. Bain Capital, McKinsey, Stanford GSB.
Husband, father, developer, mathematician and more. Maintainer of @JsKarma - working on @IPFSbot

Matt Zumwalt

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Protocol Labs + IPFS. Formerly a steering member of the @Hydra Project. Founded @MediaShelf, founding member of Data Curation Experts

Jeromy Johnson

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Building IPFS at Protocol Labs