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Making The Distributed Web -- IPFS and Filecoin


1 round
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Semil Shah

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General Partner @Haystack ; Venture Partner @Lightspeed Venture Partners

Digital Currency Group

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The Epicenter of Bitcoin and Blockchain


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Brussels based Angel Fund with 40+ direct and 200+ Syndicates early-stage investments.

Jaan Tallinn

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Founder @Ambient Sound Investments. Developed @Skype and @Kazaa.

Greg Kidd

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Founder @Hard Yaka @globaliD @Shift Payments @3taps.com, @Message.me. First Round Investor @Twitter, Senior Analyst Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve

Meg Nakamura

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Co-Founder of Shift Payments, Investment Partner at Hard Yaka, Co-Founder of 3taps

Charlie Songhurst

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Vinny Lingham

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