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Accurately detecting healthcare workflow anomalies and incidents of non-compliance



Cate Stanton

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Allison Pleasant

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Customer Success Manager at Protenus

Samantha Barber

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People Operations Associate at Protenus

Shannon Gale

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Worked at Protenus, Ayers Saint Gross, WTS International. Passion for wellness. Self-proclaimed middle brain, balancing analytics and creativity.

Emily Woodward

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Marketing associate, problem-solver, Swiss-Army Knife.

Dan Dutrow

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Director of Engineering at Protenus

Aaron Stahl

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All things DevOps @Protenus, previously lead daily operations and automation for ONE by AOL.

Megan Emhoff

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VP People Operations @Protenus

Chris Jeschke

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Christine Leverett

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UF Economics and Sustainability Studies, Grace Hopper Program at FullStack Academy, Teaching fellow at Grace Hopper, full stack JavaScript Developer

Andrea Belmore

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Healthcare Privacy, EHR Informatics, and Senior Privacy Engineer at Protenus

Ethan Wolkowicz

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Olga Brillman

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VP Business Operations @Protenus • Founder OB.INC • Previously @Camden Partners
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Board members and advisors

Former Chief Information Security Officer at  the US Dept. of Health and Human Services.  Current VP, Global Cyber Defense Operations at United Health Group.

Harry Totonis

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Former team

Ebrima Jobe

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Ben Markowitz

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Julian Haddad

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